Thursday, September 21, 2017

Halloween-Something Wicked This Way Comes--Candy Bar Wrapper-Party Favor-Office Treats and More

We're a little goofy about bats over here and so it was inevitable that bats made an appearance on our newest design.  "Something wicked this way comes" introduces the bats!  If you couldn't tell we also LOVE Hershey bars--Only the solid chocolate 1.55 bars, if you please!   So we put the two together here and hope you like it too! 

We are including the cellophane bag, tag and twine too so you can "Gift Wrap" your sweet little gift.  Perfect for almost anyone....who are we kidding....Perfect for everyone including your friends at work, your employees, kids, trick or treaters or as a party favor.

Here's a close-up of the bag. We used foam dots to pop it off the page.

Three different sized bats fill this Halloween moon that is double layered and inked.

The candy bar wrap is made up using  premium cardstock with one side filled with bats and the other side has a bunch of skeleton heads and bones.

This photo shows the layering of the moon pieces and the bats.

It's a kit that is Super Simple to put together. If you can glue and adhere glue dots then you're good to go!  Won't everyone think you're so creative!

Head over HERE to get some of these fun Halloween Candy Bar Wraps. If you need more than offered just message us.


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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Halloween Candy Corn Treat Boxes for Kids, Party Favors, Co-Workers, and More!

Candy Corns are synonymous with Halloween so what better thing to put on the front of a treat box. "Spooky Treats" can be anything thing that will fit inside. Loose candies such as candy corns, M&M's or mini or snack size candy will all it inside.  Put as many or as few as you like in the 4" x 6" bags. Place them beside plates on a festive Halloween table or use as party favors.  Whoever you give them to is gong to love them!

The candy corns have a 3-D look with the yellow and the orange pieces popping of the page with a foam dot.  Add the black and white strip across the bottom and you're done!

Easy to assemble, all you do is glue and adhere foam dots!

We filled this bag with the candy corn M&M's.  They are pretty sweet!

We found the new Cookies and Screen M&M's at Target. They are the perfect color for a Halloween treat and yummy! So Festive!

Love the colors of these white candy corn M&M's

All kind of treats will fit inside this treat box. What candy will you be giving out this Halloween?

Click HERE to get these Halloween treat boxes


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You can get some of these Halloween treat boxes HERE


Monday, September 18, 2017

Have a Spooky Halloween-Fun Gift Card Holders-The Perfect Gift for Everyone

We've  been thinking about everyone out there who needs something special for their employees, co-workers and clients, and also the moms out there who want something special for their kids and teachers this Halloween. This gift card is perfect for all of you. It's a kit that is sooooo easy to put together and so impressive as a gift.  The package almost overshadows the gift card (ha ha)  

This gift card holder has bat stickers that are popping off the envelope with foam dots. The "Have a spooky Halloween" tag also pops. The gift card is held in the black and white stripe holder and tied together with a orange and black polkadot ribbon (safe and secure)  So much fun!

There is also a tag so you can write who the gift is to and from. What a great addition to a gift basket or a "You've been booed" package. Put a Swig gift card inside so the recipient can get a fabulous drink and a sugar cookie. This gift card would be a hit with our family and friends.

If you can glue and apply foam dots then you can put these together !

Here's a side view so you can see how the bats and tag pop off the page. You don't see the white dots from the front of the gift card holder.

The gift card fits perfectly in the striped holder.

Our newly designed Spooky gift card holder is available HERE. Don't wait to CLICK! 


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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Brand New Halloween Potion Bottle Treat Boxes / Party Favors / Co-Workers Treats / Classroom Treats

We've designed several new ways to give treats out this Halloween.  The first one we're sharing here is our Potion Bottle Treat Box. (More in our blog in a couple of days) If you're looking for something unique to give out this Halloween, we've got just what you need…...Perfect for the kids, your co-workers or your employees. They  also make great party favors or a special treat for your trick or treaters, classroom treats or You've Been Booed neighbor gifts. Fill them with your favorite treats, even cookies.

 Our new design for potion bottles make the front of this treat box.  The premium orange cardstock treat box holds sweet treats in a cellophane bag tied with an orange ribbon. Whether you fill them with loose candy such as candy corns, M&M's etc or the snack size or mini size candy that are available every Halloween, they are sure to be a hit with the recipients!

 We had so much fun designing this treat box. It's definitely one of a kind.  The "Eat if you dare" tag just finishes it off and makes it even more fun. So simple to assemble. You just need glue and scissors, everything else is supplied.

 The potion bottles are our own design with added Halloween stickers. We assembled both potion bottles so all you do is adhere then to the box with a foam dot. The treat box measures 3" wide. 

 These treat bags would also be great to hand out as prizes or favors at your Bunco parties too!!

The skull and bat are popped off the potion bottle using a foam dot. Gives it a 3D look.

What's included in this kit:  
Large potion bottle (pre-assembled)
Small potion bottle (pre-assembled)
Orange treat box
"Eat if you dare" tag
Cellophane bag
Orange ribbon
Foam dots

SUPER SIMPLE but very impressive

You can find this fun Halloween kit HERE
Don't wait to order as a limited amount are available! 


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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

(Baby Girl) Baby Shower Straws and Straw Flags-Soooo Darling-PINK

So you've got all the details worked out for the baby shower you're hosting, how great is that!  But did you think about how to dress up the drinks?  Our "It's a Girl" straw flags are the perfect way to add "cuteness"  They are so easy to assemble. If you can glue then you can do put these fun straws together. 

The flower is attached to the pink banner using a foam dot. It gives it dimension (3D) 

  You could also put the straws and straw flags in a container and use as a centerpiece on your buffet/treat table.  

The flower is attached with a foam dot to make it "pop" off the banner.  The white candy dot is self-adhesive.  The pink hue  is in-between light and dark pink is it's sure to go with all your other decor. 

We filled this glass jar with sugar to hold up the straws. We tried rice but I wanted something white in the jar instead of off white so we settled on sugar. It works great. You could also use pink sprinkles or pink gunballs, etc.   Just place your beverage next to your straw container so people will grab one with their drink.

We also have some cute candy bar wraps that are companion to the straw flags.  The bow on the onesie is the same paper as the flower on the straw flags.  Both so CUTE!  Your guests will think you went all out for the baby shower and so will the guest of honor.  Get the straw flags in sets of 12, 24 or 36 (if you need more than that you can contact us)  

CLICK HERE to get these Straw Flags for your baby shower

CLICK HERE for the Baby Onesie candy bar wrappers


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Friday, May 26, 2017

(Baby Boy) Sweet Baby Shower Party Favors Your Guests Will LOVE

Oh Boy! You're hosting a baby shower for a baby boy and have we got a fun item for you to give to your guests as they leave the party. Our brand new party favor was so much fun to design. It's definitely unique and not something your guests would have seen before and it is not in the traditional light blue theme. This navy blue color is so pretty, but wait, we just had to add a touch of red in the adhesive heart and half round beads. It's a gift your guests will be talking about long after the party is over.  We've done all the work for you……It's a kit that includes everything you see (except for the Hershey bar)  All you do is assemble and place in a fun container. 

Here's a closeup so you can see all the details. The onesie top is attached with foam dots to the bottom piece to give it a 3D look. Just glue on the collar and the bow tie. The tag is glued across the onesie. Then put the heart on the tag. We'll even put the red half round beads on the scalloped edge  and bow tie for you.  Super simple but so darling that your guests will think you are so clever. 

The tag says "Oh Boy!  Thanks for celebrating with us"  It's the perfect "Thanks for coming" party favor and who doesn't like chocolate? The white onesie and navy blue bow tie are cut out of a premium cardstock that is textured as is the navy blue candy bar wrap. The checkered edge piece is a matching navy and white design. The half round pearls are a beautiful red in two different sizes. The heart is a self-adhesive dot.

We've also included clear cellophane bags that you put the party favor into. Tie it up with the red and white twine and you've just gift wrapped the party favor. Put all these party favors into a cute container and it doubles as a centerpiece/decoration for the party. You can purchase 36 Hershey 1.55 oz chocolate bars at Costco for around $21.00

This party favor is one that can be made up way in advance of the party as the Hershey bar is not perishable. One less thing to do as the party gets closer. 

CLICK HERE to get these for your baby shower


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Friday, May 12, 2017

(Baby Girl) Brand New! Baby Shower Party Favors 'It's a Girl' Pink Onesies-How Sweet!


So, You're hosting a baby shower and need some great ideas for a party favor......You've come to the right place.  Our newly designed baby shower party favor is a kit that is super simple to put together.  We put together the cute pink and white polkadot onesie.  All you do is glue it to the front. The white collar, pink plaid bow and white candy dot are already assembled. There's even a back pink back piece that is attached with foam dots to give it a 3D look.   Now doesn't that sound easy!


We wanted to include this photo to point out all the cute parts of this candy bar wrap.  The front top edge of the wrap is scalloped. The white doily goes over the top of it and is glued on front and back.  Then glue on the onesie and attach the "Oh baby" tag with 2 foam dots.  Your party guests are going to love getting this party favors with a Hershey chocolate bar tucked inside.


The top polkadot piece attaches to a solid piece using foam dots. 

Attach the tag with foam dots too.

A cellophane bag and pink twine are included in the kit. Now it's a gift wrapped party favor. You could place them in a cute container near the door so your guest could grab one on their way out or you could also use it as a centerpiece.   We have some darling Baby Shower Party Games that are companion pieces to this party favor along with a cute pink Onesie Banner  that you should check out. 

We have several kit sizes available. Choose the quantity you need for your party.  Our kits ship out same or next day, depending on when it is ordered. If you can glue, tie a bow and attach foam dots then you can do this! 

CLICK HERE to get these cute baby shower favors for your party.


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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

(Father's Day) Is Your Dad a Fisherman, Businessman or Athlete? We've got a GREAT Father's Day Gift Idea For You

Happy Father's Day to the businessman, a sportsman or a fisherman (or, perhaps he's all three)  A Hershey chocolate bar that's all wrapped up in a lovely green candy bar wrap and adorned with his favorite pastime is sure to put a smile on Dad's face this Father's Day. This paper craft kit is super easy to assemble and you'll be so happy with the end results. Dad will think you are so clever!  Even easy enough for the kids to help in assembling. 

We've got three different tags for three different Dads.  It's a 3D tag with a sweet message for Dad. Attach the tie and the lettering with foam dots for a layered and 3D look.  The dark blue under tag is cut out with a rough cut for a more masculine look. 

The football AND the lettering pops out from the tag.  My Dad is the greatest! Are you giving Dad some sports equipment this Father's Day? Wouldn't this be a great addition to the gift? 

The pieces on the fisherman tags also include a fishing pole that you attach and slide behind the lettering.  My Dad is awesome! 

Several candy bar wraps with the fish and fishing pole would be so cute peeking out from a  fisherman's wicker creel (woven basket) or attached to the top of a tackle box.

Maybe you have a dad that is all three.... a businessman, a lover of sports and a fisherman!  If that's the case you just select the option to get all three wraps. 

Also included in the kit are these cellophane bags with green twine. Now it's gift wrapped! All our kits ship out same or next day depending on when you purchase them.  Easy-to-follow instructions are always included. If you can glue, tie and attach foam dots you CAN DO THIS......  Be sure to purchase early!  Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's out there. 

CLICK HERE to find out how to get some of these for your DAD! 


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