Friday, February 5, 2016

Are Your Kids Drinking More Water? Put a Fun Label On the Bottle....Soda Sales go down-Bottled Water Sales Go Up

I was thrilled when I read an article from the New York Times  about the fact that soda sales are going down.  People are turning more and more to bottled water instead of the sugary drink. In some cities, like Philadelphia, obesity rates have gone down too. (New York Times Ruth Fremson)  There are some schools around the United States that have taken out the vending machines that sell soda, instead replacing them with machines that sell only water.  How thrilling!

"The drop in soda consumption represents the single largest change in the American diet in the last decade and is responsible for a substantial reduction in the number of daily calories consumed by the average American child." (New York Times Ruth Fremson)

Kids are choosing water over soda! 

 And now you ask me why I am going on so? If kids are changing over from soda to bottled water, we could encouraging the change by adding in a little fun?  Put one of these 8 labels on their water bottles, each one has a positive message that might be a confidence builder (If mom or dad thinks I'm smart or awesome...I must be!)   It might just make drinking water more fun!!!  

Personally I stopped drinking soda 13 years ago.  I haven't missed it!  The only thing that can tempt me is a Root Beer Float.... those were soooo good.  The fact is I really haven't felt bad about my decision to stop drinking soda. As a matter of fact I have really learned to LOVE water.  And on top of that,  I'm not drinking my calories. I can drink as much water as I want, every day and not feel guilty about calories or sugar.  

We're giving them away for one week (until February 13th, 2016)
After that you can find them in our Etsy Shop

The messages on these bottles aren't just for kids. Imagine sending one of these bottles with a "Love You"  label in your husband or wife's lunch!

Leave your email and comments below and we'll send you the file....but only until the 13th  of February, 2016  After that you can find them in our Etsy shop


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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Tutorial for St. Patrick's Day Garland / Banner-Super Simple!

St. Patrick's Day is right around the corner, and time to think about decorations.  This St. Patrick's Day banner is sooooo simple to put together.  The hardest thing might be choosing the colors to make it out of! As it says above, banners aren't meant just to hang on the wall.  Use it in other ways, perhaps draping around some of your other decor.  Hang it on the wall vertically or horizontally.

Choose at least 2 different colors for your banner. You can use as many as you like though.  We used 4 different pieces of cardstock....light green, dark green, gold, and one with a design. Be sure to select colors that compliment one another. A good Irish red would have been fun to add into my banner. 

After cutting out your shamrocks,  put them in pairs. Then place your shamrock pairs in the order that you want them to appear in the banner. Then you can start sewing. 

We are offering the SHAMROCKS to make this banner in our Etsy shop...... Just in case you don't want to cut them out yourself ......  Click HERE

Use a scrap piece of cardstock to sew lines until you get the stitch to look the way you want....not too tight, not too loose. I have a Bernina sewing machine and the straight stitch length is set on 2.  The zigzag stitch length is set at 0. Now stitch down through the middle of each shamrock and through the stem. I always let the machine run for 5 to 8 stitches in-between each piece. This will provide a little space between the shamrock.  Be sure to use a thread color that matches your main colors.  We used green here. 

This is a view of the first three of our shamrocks on our banner.

The length of this stitch is good. As I said before, not too tight, not too loose. Our shamrocks measured 2.5" wide and 3" tall. You could cut them out yourself, or find a shamrock paper punch etc.

You could also make your banner one dimensional  by sewing just one shamrock at a time instead of putting 2 shamrocks together.  It would basically look like this photo. 

Now all that's left to do is fold each shamrock in towards itself.  The stitching line makes it easy to bend.  Now just hang your wall quote on the wall, the fireplace mantel or around your other decorations. This one can also be hung horizontally as we faced the shamrocks going all the same way. Have fun making one for yourself! 

We have some really cute printables and kits that would be perfect for your St. Patrick's Day celebration in our Etsy shop.  Click HERE to see everything in our Etsy shop  INCLUDING a kit for all the cut out shamrocks you would need for this banner. 


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Monday, February 1, 2016

NEW! Handmade Gift Tags for All Occasions "Love You" For that Special Gift

You've got a fabulous gift and you've wrapped it up in your favorite gift all you need is a fabulous tag to complete the look......We can help! Our new line of handmade gift tags are available now. Our first designs are these "Love You" gift tags.  They aren't just for Valentine's Day gifts (although they would be perfect for that type of gift)   Tell the special people in your life that you 
Love them any day of the year. 

Who wouldn't love to see a tag with this message on a gift. You can order either the kraft tags or the black tags. You could even order both.

The tags measure 4.5" long x 2.5" tall and have 2 dimensional hearts attached. The black tag comes with white twine and the kraft tag has black twine.

CLICK HERE to get more details about our Handmade Gift Tags


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CUTE! Valentine's Day GIANT Chocolate Bar Wrap for Hershey Candy Bars

Giving chocolate for Valentine's Day just got easier and more fun!  We've designed some candy bar wraps for the Hershey Giant candy bars. You can find Hershey giant candy bars for about $2.00 at Walmart and other places. 6 different messages/wraps to choose from.  Just print at home or take to your favorite printing place like Office Depot/Office Max, Staples etc.  So much fun!

After you print out the labels just cut out and adhere around a Hershey giant candy bar.  They are so festive and will make someone feel special...

Two of each color, black, red and pink, with 6 different messages.

If you prefer the smaller Hershey candy bars (1.55 oz) we have wraps for that size too in our Etsy shop.  Click HERE to see all our fun Valentine's Day Printables and Kits.

We also  have Valentine's Day themed candy wraps for the Fun Size candy bars.


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Saturday, January 30, 2016

CRAFTERS- Find Out How To Make Your Own Glue Dots and Save Money? Tutorial is SIMPLE

When I saw a post on Pinterest about "homemade" glue dots it definitely got  my attention.  After all a box of 200 glue dots is around $5.00.  I have always thought that was an outrageous price.....and on top of that you have to buy multiple packages to get different size dots!  So I read several posts on the internet and decided to give it a try. I am Sooooooo glad I did!

 Since I design and sell vinyl wall quotes I have an abundance of vinyl. So I just cut out some 3" x 4" rectangles out of the vinyl and then pulled off the vinyl. The paper backing for the vinyl has a plastic coating so the vinyl doesn't stick to it. This is what I put the glue dots on.  You can also use paper that stickers come on or if you've already got a roll of glue dots just reuse the 1" round of paper they come on. (buy sticker sheets at The Dollar Store) You need a piece to put the dots on and a piece to put over the top of the dots after they have dried to protect them.  Next time you order a vinyl wall quote just be sure to keep the stiff paper to use for this project. You could probably use the same papers over and over again.

  (You can find our Vinyl Wall Quotes HERE )

This the glue that makes it all possible! I purchased this 4 oz bottle of Aleene's Tack-It Over & Over at Michael's. It was $6.99 but with my 40% off coupon from Hobby Lobby (yeah they take Hobby Lobby coupons at Michael's) I only paid $4.80. Then I cut out my rectangular squares 3" tall x 4" long. (just a random size)  Then I started making my glue dots.  Super simple! All you have to do is squeeze! The glue comes out looking like a white glue but is thicker and holds a circular shape. Yes, I an obsessive and didn't stop until I had emptied the entire bottle but you could just make a few sheets here and there when you need them. 

This is what they look like after they have dried overnight. One of the great things is that you can make sheets with different sized dots. You know sometimes you need a big dot and sometimes you need a little dot and sometimes only a mini dot will work.(just think how many mini dots you could get out of one bottle!!!)  Once they are dry just put another piece of sticker paper or vinyl paper over the top to protect them until you are ready to use them.  

Okay, so don't think I'm nuts but I really wanted to know, and wanted to be able to report here in this post, just how many glue dots I got out of one 4 oz bottle of Tack-It. I pretty much put the same amount of dots in the same size on each sheet but I did run a tally. I ended up with 2,288 dots. Yes, I said 2,288 dots. The box of ⅜" dots is what I usually buy and I've seen it from $4.99 to $5.65. That box contains 200 glue dots.  I would have to buy over 11 boxes to get as many as I was able to make. If I average the price at $5.00 that would be $55.00 plus tax and I only paid $4.80 for the bottle.  Yes, there are the value packs of glue dots that are a little cheaper but still don't compare to making your own.

Above are the individual sheets of glue dots. I will not be running out anytime soon, which is the way I like it. And when I do I know the process in making more is relatively painless!!! 

I found they work very well. They are a little more forgiving than store bought glue dots. If you have to pull two pieces of scrapbook paper apart after adhering a glue dot, it lets you without tearing either paper. 

If you do decide to take on this simple project please leave a comment below and let me know how it worked for you. I'm thrilled to have on hand, as many glue dots and I need and at such a great price.


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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Valentine's Day Teacher Appreciation Chocolate Pencil & Tags (Rolos & Hershey Kisses)

Chocolate Pencils for Teacher
A chocolate candy pencil is such  a fun Valentine's Day Gift for a Teacher Appreciation gift.  We've just made it even easier to put this together.....our Valentine's day themed pencil wraps are all one piece. No more buying scrapbook paper, measuring and cutting the different pieces and then putting it together. You could add a strip of aluminum foil around the top as we've done but that's totally optional as underneath there is already a grey colored strip.

 We trimmed the end of the pencil wrap with some pinking shears but that is totally optional.  You could add other embellishments if you like. The finishing touch to this pencil is a chocolate kiss that's glued to the bottom of the roll/pkg. Attach the tag and you're done!

 You can put each chocolate pencil individually in a pretzel bag if you like. (pretzel bags are available at most craft stores) We added a decorative ribbon just below the silver band.  Wrapping them like this also makes it easy to put into a cute Valentine container.  Embellish them however you like. They're definitely going to be appreciated!

Find a cute box to put them in. You could enclose the pencils and the box within a cellophane bag too, if you like.

Click HERE to get this cute and super simple gift idea for a Valentine Teacher Appreciation or as a sweet treat for the kids at school 


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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Cutest Little Valentine Candy Wraps for Snack Size Hershey Bars

I'm a great lover of Hershey chocolate and so it's only nature that I designed another Valentine themed candy wrap for a Hershey bar.  This time it's a snack-size chocolate bar. The perfect size for a Valentine treat.  Slip one in the kid's lunchbox or your spouse's lunchbox. Leave a special note (Love You!) on their pillow or in their backpack, taped to the mirror etc. They'll love the surprise and the message!  

This year we have wraps for these Hershey Snack Size bars, KitKat Snack size bars, Hershey regular sized bars and Hershey Giant Bars!!  See the links below.

Close-up of some of the wraps.  The Valentine's Day messages are:

"Be Mine"
"#1 Valentine"
"Cutie Pie"
"Hugs and Kisses"
"Love You"

You get a sheet of black labels with all 6 messages
a sheet of red labels with all 6 messages
and a sheet of pink wraps with all 6 message
Print as many as you need (for personal use) , this year, next year and the year after that.
So it's an investment in Valentine Fun!

These Candy Wraps are available HERE

To see our Valentine Candy Wraps for Snack Size  KitKats Click HERE 

To see our Valentine Candy Wraps for Reg. Hershey Bars click HERE

To see our Valentine Candy Wraps for Hershey Giant Bars Click HERE


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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Wrap up a Hershey Bar with a Valentine Message! For Kids & Adults

 With Valentine's Day right around the corner we wanted to design some new candy bar wraps.  This collection is brand-new this year and it sure to please your loved ones and friends. It was so much fun designing the paper and deciding what to put on the wrap. They are sized for the Hershey 1.55 oz bar.  They will also fit a Nestle chocolate bar, the same size.  You just download, print and cut out the labels and adhere to a bar. Super easy but it makes the chocolate bar so much more special, especially for Valentine's Day!

Sweetheart, Hugs & Kisses and XOXO would be the especially perfect wraps for your spouse, or girlfriend/boyfriend.  There's a message here for everyone.

 Great for Teacher Appreciation gift or even the support staff at your children's school.  Sweets for the Sweet!!!

Click HERE to get this printable

Click HERE to see our Valentine Candy Wraps designed for the snack size KitKat bar

Click HERE to see our Valentine Candy Wraps designed for a Hershey snack size chocolate bar

Click HERE to see our Valentine Candy Wraps for a Hershey Giant chocolate bar


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Brand New-Valentine's Day Wraps for KitKat Snack Size Bars-So Fun!

How to make Valentine chocolates even more fun!  Wrap them up with a Valentine's Day themed candy wrap!  We designed these wraps exclusively for KitKat Snack Size Bars. Red and black wraps with cute Valentine messages for kids and adults. Just wrap around a bar and secure with tape, glue dots or your favorite adhesive. 

These candy wraps are brand new this year and unique to us. Wouldn't they make a cute party favor for your Valentine's Day party? We printed them on regular copy paper to make it easier to wrap around the snack size bar.

Slip one into the kid's lunchbox for a special chocolate treat.

A small cellophane bag will hold two candy bars. Perfect for the kid's school Valentine.  Their friends will love the sweet treat.... and who doesn't like KitKat?

Click HERE to get this fun Valentine's Day Printable


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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Looking for Cute Baby Shower Decorations? See Our Onesies Banners for Both Boys and Girls!

Do you have a baby shower in your future?  One for yourself or one you're hosting for a friend or family member? We've got the perfect decoration for the party.  Whether it's for a boy or a girl we've got you covered.  Each banner has 8 different onesies. Thread the cute flowers onto the twine and clip the onesies to the twine with the mini clothespins.  It's definitely fun! 

Since there are so many shades of pink along with greens and black they are sure to match what color theme you're planning.  

All the embellishments on the onesies are included in the kit. Super simple to put together.

People are sure to comment about your cute banner!

Let's not forget the boys!  We used a lot of different shades of blue for these onesies as well.  My personal favorite is the one with the little burlap bow tie!  Which one is yours?

Zig Zags, Polkadots, hearts, checks, plaids, stripes and solids were used. We loved them all.

Embellishments for onesies just stick right on. Then just string the flowers in-between each onesie and clip the twine to the onesie using the mini clothespins that are included. Told you it was easy! 

Pin US to your Baby Shower Party Ideas Board on Pinterest and/or share with your friends!
CLICK HERE to get one for a baby girl or a baby boy.


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