Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Serve Your Halloween Drinks with Pizzazz! Dress It Up With A Straw Flag! Oct 31 Design

Why just serve a Halloween beverage when you can serve one with Pizzazz! Put your guests in the Halloween spirit right away.  Love the black and white polkadot straws (if you didn't know I LOVE polkadots!)  This DIY kit is soooo easy to assemble. Takes just minutes, but adds so much to your Halloween party decor. 

We bought these cute glass bottles at Zurchers but you an also find them at IKEA or most party stores.  IKEA bottles are $1.98 last I checked. They just make the party more fun! 

Of course we inked the edges (I'm just that kind of girl)  I liked the aged look, especially for Halloween. The straw flag folds together and so it looks good from the back too.  They would actually look great atop a cake too. What else would you do with them? 

The lovely caramel colored beverage in the bottles is our FAVORITE apple cider from Allreds Orchards. It isn't a just a's a TREAT!  It will become your favorite cider too, promise!

We designed these straw flags to go with our brand new Smiling Jack treat boxes. 
 HERE'S THE LINK so you can check them out too. They look great together!  

YOU can FIND these Straw Flags (including the straw)  HERE


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Monday, August 29, 2016

Halloween - Smiling Jack Party Favors & Treat Boxes-Jack-o-Lanterns & Pumpkins

Are you hosting a Halloween party this year at home or at school? We've got just the party favor/treat box!  These cute treat boxes are great for adult AND kid parties.  I love how happy the jack-o-lantern looks….it's definitely a friendly party treat. They hold the perfect amount of chocolate treats too. Just 3 Hershey Nuggets wrapped in our Halloween themed candy wraps will make an impressive display. So easy to put together and your guests will love them....

Here's a closeup of all the box fronts. We've got all the popular Halloween characters….Vampires, cute witches, skulls and ghosts.  Everybody gets to take a fun treat home and who doesn't like chocolate?

(We've actually removed the pumpkin, monster and ghost from the group)  9 Halloween themed Nugget wraps are the star of the show.  Eeek, Boo and Trick or Treat are perfect for your treat boxes. We wrapped them around the Nuggets in the gold paper. Hershey Nuggets also come wrapped up in silver paper. You choose!  There are approximately 34 Hershey Nuggets in a 11 ounce bag so you could get 11 boxes out of one bag. 

We filled that cute glass bottle with OUR favorite Apple Cider from Allreds Orchard. I've decided it isn't a beverage but a TREAT. If you have never tried it you've got to go get some. (Provo, Utah-University Ave) It will definitely be your beverage of choice for this Fall season. 

Spooky Skull

Cute Ghost

Happy Halloween Sign

Halloween Moon and Stars

Sassy Witch

Handsome Vampire

Just a touch of copper ink on the edge makes the top scallop piece stand out!  Secure the lollipop stick in-between the two black scalloped pieces and add the cute Halloween ribbon…now the back of the Smiling Jack sign is almost as cute as the front.

Our favorite Halloween words——Boo, Eek and Trick or Treat. Each Hershey Nugget will run you about 10 cents each.

Doesn't this just finish the place setting off?  Your Halloween table just got sooooo CUTE!!!

CLICK HERE for MORE information about these cute Halloween Treat Boxes


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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Halloween Kids Hershey Nugget Wraps-Party Favors-Classroom Treats-Snacks and More

Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday and my Fall is my FAVORITE time of year. Can you already feel Fall is in the air? I LOVE it!  We are having so much fun getting our Halloween printables and kits ready for you all to see. We are working on a bunch of fun things. 

I love Hershey Nuggets and so it is a no-brainer that we design these for Halloween. These nugget wraps are just perfect for a party favor at home or even in the kids classroom. Three Hershey Nuggets are the perfect amount of chocolate. A package of Hershey Nuggets contains about 34 individual pieces so you could make 11 sets using only one bag. You could even give them to your FAVORITE trick or treaters.

Putting this treat together is super easy. If you want to package 3 nuggets you cut the tray 3" long. If you want 4 nuggets cut the tray 4" long and so forth. Use a pretzel bag to package them. You can buy pretzel bags at any craft store for cheap. (It actually says Pretzel Bag on the package…they are for the long, stick pretzels)  Finish off the package by tying it up using either twine or ribbon.

We have this design in Orange AND black. (black design is below)  Great treats to give to Teacher for Halloween too.

Here's the design in black. 

Mix and match the wraps however you like. Use them for neighbor gifts/You've Been Booed 

These Hershey Nuggets would be fun to take to the office for your co-workers. Just place them in your favorite Halloween container and watch them disappear.

CLICK HERE to get both the orange and the black nugget wraps for your Halloween parties.


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